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Our Purpose

SUBHEAD: Our Purpose

Our Purpose

XiMED Foundation is committed to improving the delivery of quality healthcare to the patients we serve through coordinated and integrated clinical practice, education, research and technology.

The XiMED organization has long held the belief that the delivery of quality medical care is best accomplished when the needs of the patient are put first; where skilled physicians, using the most advanced, innovative diagnostic & therapeutic technologies are free to focus on patient concerns. XiMED physicians feel that the best setting to accomplish this task is in an integrated, multi-specialty model where trust and respect for the patients needs are always the primary focus.

Today, a crucial component of this integrated model is the use of information technology designed to provide physicians real time data at the point of health care delivery. Integrated clinical practice models provide an ideal setting to implement such technology due to their collaborative environment. Information technology allows patient information to be shared with physicians who are connected, not by walls in a building, but by professionalism and their commitment to patient care. The purpose of the Foundation is to fund technology designed to improve the sharing and timeliness of this type of patient information in a clinical setting. Foundation funds will also be used to support the continuation of research into the cause and prevention of disease, as well as, advancing medical education in order to better respond to the evolution of the science of medicine and societal trends.

The XiMED Foundation raises, manages and disburses the necessary funds to accomplish these tasks. By serving as the donors' hands, the Foundation will be able to reach out to patients, researchers, physicians and the community to provide resources that would not otherwise be available.