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Who We Are



A crucial component of our Foundation model is the use of health information technology that can improve the quality of care by assisting physicians in providing evidenced based data at the point of care. The XiMED Foundation will fund technology designed to improve the quality and timeliness of this type of patient information in a variety of health care settings.


The Foundation sponsors educational conferences and seminars every year for the purpose of providing health care information with respect to chronic disease to the public. The conferences and seminars are offered to the public for free. Information on the conferences will be made available on the Foundation's website. Announcements will be made available to physicians for display in their offices, community centers, clinics and large employers. Presenters and lecturers are chosen based on their expertise, educational background and experience.


Clinical practice models require increasing the knowledge base and skill level in medicine to enable the advancement of chronic disease management and treatment. Foundation funding will be used to assist the continuation of research into the cause and prevention of disease, as well as medical education in order to respond to changing medical treatments and evolving societal trends.

The Foundation applies for grants from the government or government agencies with respect to health information technology. These grants will require the Foundation to accumulate information about patient procedures and outcomes or results for the purpose of improving the quality and efficiency of health care. The Foundation anticipates that it will distribute such information either to the public or to the granting agency for dissemination to the public. Any grant would be analyzed on a case by case basis to determine if the purpose and requirements of the grant are consistent with the Foundation's mission and purpose.